Where aesthetics meets performance. The 6Xs delivers upper echelon performance, in a sleek, elegant package.
Our sleek, powerful 6Xs speaks for itself in both form and function. This flagship model was designed to bring forth perfection from your system, both sonically and aesthetically.
The 6Xs takes the stage, bringing forth a new generation of products. Our sleek, powerful 6Xs represents the pinnacle of our technology requiring over two years of research and development to reach a level of performance that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophile. This multi-tier electromagnetic treatment was formulated and built to reveal new levels of clarity, detail, richness and multi-dimensional depth by creating an even blacker background. One with even less noise, and other impurities. When you start with a deeper black, quiet background, you will experience what your system is truly capable of…herein lies the beauty of the 6Xs.