Built on the foundation of our core technology, the 1x series specifically address levels of electronic induced noises emited by popular integrated av receivers, processors, streaming devices, active speakers and other similar products.
The formulation utilized in creating the 1x is relative to what it is combatting. In other words, the 1x series is made to control distinct levels of electromagnetic interference present within specific types of equipment.
The 1x is our original full-size mat…the one that started it all.


The 1xs is a compact mat, targeted at effectively treating many of today’s smaller electronics.
Our 1x series is the first step in our product line, but it’s far from “entry level”…
Our 1x electromagnetic treatment represents the core of our technology. The 1x series is designed for both home and mobile audio applications. It excels at treating mobile audio amps, processors, home integrated amps, av receivers, powered monitors, subwoofers, etc.