It’s a passive device which means no power cords!

What you’ll notice is a truly huge reduction in noise floor and cross-talk, increased channel separation and dynamics, higher overall resolution, sound staging increased in all dimensions, faster-tighter-deeper bass, reduced grain and harshness in high frequency’s and improved dynamic contrasts.

Our technology offers several key advantages by attaching the mats to bottom plates of processor and amplifiers: The changes and improvements go from subtle to extreme depending on the quality of electronics used and treated with our products, the electronic components circuit design, and the specific chassis materials (steel, aluminum, or zinc/copper plated metals).  

How does it work:? Every audio system component has a power supply which radiates stray electrical and magnetic fields when powered on and being used. This constant bombardment of electronic induced noise can now be removed and absorbed by our audio mats. This is what we refer to as realignment effect.