Brian Ackerman, owner of Aaudio Imports has established himself as one of the premier audiophile dealers in California and has been in business for well over 20 years. Representing manufacturers such as; Wilson Benesch, Ypsilon Electronics and many other prestigious brands, Brian’s experience, attention to detail and critical listening skills make him and his company a perfect fit when it comes to representing ART’s dedicated technology.

Aaudio Imports’ incredible showroom features a plethora of ART’s products ranging from our 3X treating the dedicated system subpanel all the way up to our 6X and 22X.

In Brian’s own words…

I first met Dennis from Audio Realignment Technologies at the Los Angeles California audio show.

Dennis walked into my display room, he loved the sound of my system and showed me a super clean device he designed to combat an issue that hardly anybody talks about in our industry “EMI” Electro Magnetic Interference.

Transformers, power supplies and audio circuits radiate certain levels of EMI which like RFI contaminate the sound of our Hi-fi systems. It goes unnoticed until you experience the removal of EMI and hear the surprising benefits in sound quality which is not subtle.

I agreed to have a meeting with Dennis after the show in my dedicated Dana Point California sound room. Dennis brought several samples with him to treat my amplifiers, preamp, dac and music server. In addition, we also treated my audio grade breaker panel and later treated my cabling.

With each device installed I could easily hear what these electromagnetic treatments were doing; I mean “Wow!”…I never expected that EMI was such an issue that needed to be addressed.

Some of the many improvements were; big reduction in noise floor, wider and deeper soundstage, impressive improvements in dynamics and presents a much cleaner window into the music.

Needless to say I became a believer in ART products and purchased an entire system of them. I now consider these electromagnetic treatments to be a permanent part of any hi-fi system I build.

Many thanks to Dennis Barish of ART for developing these outstanding products and for digging out the “magical gems” in my million dollar -plus audio system.

Main Room Statement System:

Wilson Benesch Omnium Towers: Not Treated

Ypsilon Hyperion Push Pull Hybrid Monoblock Amps (2): Treated with ART 6Xs’ (2 on each). ART 22X (1 on each) treats the mains. 

Ypsilon PST-100 MKII Pre-Amp: ART 6Xs (1)

Ypsilon DAC-1000: ART 6Xs (1)

Aurender N30 SA Server: ART 6Xs (1)

Stage III Interconnects: ART 22X (1) on XLR to each amp.

Stage III Speaker Cables: Not Treated

HB Cable Design Power Slave Marble MKII (2): 

Zero Ohm Isoclean Power Dedicated System Subpanel: ART 3X (1)

ART’s 6Xs is designed specifically to extract and control stray EMI waves produced by internal components, namely, switching power supplies. 

ART’s 22X is our newest product and was created to address EMI traveling within mains and interconnects.