Big Iron from Krell meets grace from Estelon | AXPONA 2022

The new Krell KSA-i400 Amplifier made some breaking news at AXPONA 2022 — and not only for it’s back-breaking 160lb curb weight. The amp, which will retail for $35,000, features the latest in tech from Krell — the I-Bias system, XD tech for super-low impedance for improved control and higher damping, and something brand new — tech that eliminates 2nd order harmonics. Wait, what? Yes — if you’re thinking “realism, depth, and breadth” in a brilliant move up in soundstaging, well, so am I.

Show here with the $160k/pair Forza loudspeakers from fan-favorite Estelon (it’s me, I’m the fan), the KSA-i400 will double cleanly into 4Ω and double again into 2Ω. Not that your home electrical system would ever allow it, but a little bird said the amp would/could double again into 1Ω! Let’s call it “Stable AF” and be done, shall we? Got power-hungry speakers? No problemo.

Oh, and you want more flexibility, more power, and perhaps two of these bad boys? Well, guess what? A monoblock version will follow. Expect to lay down $70k for a pair of those bad boys. And however much you’ll need to pay some burly professional movers.

Other gear in evidence — a whole lot of XL wire from Transparent Cable, including their $7k Reference Line Isolator (power conditioner). A $17k SXR rack from Harmonic Resolution Systems. The $15k Statement digital server from Innuos (which we reviewed here). The $50k MSB Reference DAC. And the $22k Krell Illusion Preamplifier.

What did it sound like? Sounded freakin’ awesome!

The Forza are superbly elegant loudspeakers, and the space here at AXPONA was large and inviting — the sexy sweeping curves from Estelon were beguiling, fluid, and mesmerizing. I have no idea how hard they are to drive — and no one here at the show will either, because that new Krell amp could have cared less. Humongous sound!

Kudos to the chef, who, in this case, was the team from The Audio Experience. All told, not a system I ever would have compiled due entirely to ignorance on my part, but definitely one I would be delighted to own and play the living hell out of. Just wow.

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