What is Audio Realignment?

When it comes to audio playback, everything from dirty AC and stray-field energy to minimally shielded circuits, power supplies and transformers can and will alter the sonic integrity of the audio signal.

EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) arise from voltage on conductor(s), while magnetic fields are generated by current flowing through said conductor(s). The higher the voltage and current, the stronger the fields, which can be passed down the signal chain from component to component. When you combine stray  and mechanical noise, the result is audible coloration within music playback. The noise-floor is raised, dynamics are reduced, soundstage decreases in all dimensions, and a layer of graininess and/or harshness is present.

While many audio equipment manufacturers attempt to minimize or filter out these issues, any present noise negatively impacts overall fidelity. Eliminating electromagnetic background noise and reducing mechanical noise are undoubtedly key factors in unleashing the full potential of your system. So, how can we effectively combat these anomalies?

Enter Audio Realignment Technologies.

The A.R.T. X-Series of Electromagnetic Treatments tackles these issues head-on, at the source. By utilizing its proprietary formulation, this powerful technology is designed to absorb and minimize the negative effects of these electronic-induced noises. The X-Series provides multiple levels of control, refinement and realignment.